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Liposuction - Before & After

Liposuction is great option for men and women who would like to eliminate the fat on certain areas of the body. Often times fat in these areas is unresponsive to exercise and diet. 

Liposuction is used to remove the unwanted fat from these areas, giving patients a sleeker, more desirable shape. Every woman deserves the confidence to be seen in a swimsuit and wear the clothes they enjoy. 

Call our Utah Plastic Surgery Center today, and find out how liposuction improve your life. Liposuction can be performed on almost any part of the body. However most patients receive liposuction on the hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, and stomach. This procedure can also be performed on the neck, chin, and cheeks to streamline and enhance your facial appearance.

The incisions are usually between one quarter and one half inch long near the site where the surgery is to be performed. Scars resulting from liposuction are usually very minor and inconspicuous. During a consultation with Dr. Sonntag, various incision locations and liposuction options will be thoroughly discussed, so you can make a confident, knowledgeable decision about your plastic surgery options.

In most cases, there is some bruising around the area where liposuction has been performed. In some patients, there is no visible bruising at all. On the other hand, because of variability in ease of bruising, some patients experience significant bruising that may last several weeks.

Recovery time is largely based on the extent of your liposuction procedure. Many patients return to work in two to three days. If a medium to large amount of fat is removed, patients may delay returning to work for a week or more. Certain occupations are more strenuous and require special consideration. It is important that patients do not attempt to exceed his or her capacity. 

Although liposuction is a great way to shape your body and increase self confidence, it is not a permanent weight loss option. A healthy diet and exercise are important for maintaining the physical enhancements that liposuction provides.

Discover the confidence of a healthier, more beautiful physical appearance. We have been performing liposuction procedures in Utah for over 16 years. Call our new Utah Plastic Surgery Center today to schedule your free consultation.

Liposuction - Abdomen, Waist, Inner and Outer Thigh lipo-1-bef.jpg
Liposuction - Abdomen, Waist, Inner and Outer Thigh lipo-1-aft.jpg
Liposuction - Abdomen, Waist, Inner and Outer Thigh lipo-2-bef.jpg
Liposuction - Abdomen, Waist, Inner and Outer Thigh lipo-2-aft.jpg

Liposuction - Abdomen, Waist, Inner & Outer Thigh

Liposuction - Waist, Inner and Outer Thigh lipo-3-bef.jpg
Liposuction - Waist, Inner and Outer Thigh lipo-3-aft.jpg

Liposuction - Waist, Inner and Outer Thigh

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