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Otoplasty - Before & After

Ear surgery, ear pinning, or Otoplasty, is performed on prominent ears to change their size and position.

Prominent ears can frequently cause psychological problems in children due to ridicule of classmates and peers. Ears are usually full grown by age 8, so surgical correction can be performed anytime after that. The sooner the surgery, the less teasing and being self conscious about physical appearance a child will have to undergo. Adults also seek otoplasty to correct undesirable features of the ear.

The external ear is made up of a thin cartilage covered with skin. Ear deformities result from distorted, damaged, or missing ear elements, causing a 'cup' shaped appearance. The presence of excess cartilage can cause the ears to protrude from the side of the head. 

These deformities are corrected through the side of the head through well-hidden incisions behind the ears. Any excess skin or cartilage is removed to help create a symmetrical appearance which is in contour of the face and head. Prominent ears are bent, shaped, and then sutured to keep them closer to the side of the head.

Following the surgery, a turban type bandage is worn over the ears for approximately one week. The result is a well shaped ear, nicely molded along the head. 

If you are serious about ear surgery, or simply have questions about this procedure for you or your child, please don't hesitate to call our plastic surgery center at 801-571-7710 in South Jordan, Utah for more information.

Classic Otoplasty oto-1-bef.jpg
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Classic Otoplasty

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Classic Otoplasty oto-2-aft.jpg

Classic Otoplasty

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