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Breast Reduction - Before & After

Many women live in constant physical and social discomfort due to heavy, sagging breasts. Women who are uncomfortable at all due to their large breast size, are usually very good candidates for breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction surgery often provides women the freedom to engage in many physical activities that were once impossible due to their previous, large breast size. Smaller, firmer breasts can also give patients a new sense of self confidence in their more proportional physical appearance. Breast reductions are often performed for reconstructive reasons, and are usually covered by health insurance. 

At our Utah plastic surgery center, we have been performing breast reduction surgeries for many years. If you have any questions regarding a free consultation, the procedure itself, or pricing, please give us a call today at 801-571-7710. We are located minutes outside of Salt Lake City, just off of I-15 and 10600 south.

Am I a good candidate for breast reduction surgery?

As mentioned before, most women feeling discomfort (physical or emotional) due to oversized breasts are good candidates for breast reduction surgery. Some more specific indications include:

     ·Neck and back pain

     ·Constant discomfort caused by bra straps digging into skin on the shoulders

     ·Large nipples and low areolas

     ·Breasts give a disproportionate physical appearance

     ·Breasts are noticeably different sizes

This procedure involves an incision that circles the areola, extends downward and follows the natural curve of the crease below the breast. Excess glandular tissue, fat and skin are removed. The nipple and areola are moved to their new position to match the new shape of the breast. Then the skin from both sides is brought down and around the areola, shaping the new contour of the breast. Breast reduction surgery from an experienced plastic surgeon, most often leaves women with very minimal scarring. 

How can someone be sure if breast reduction surgery is the right decision? Just like any other cosmetic surgery procedure, individual patients have different needs. The only way to know for sure if breast reduction surgery is right for you is to come in and discuss with us your plastic surgery goals. Dr. Bryan Sonntag is extremely experienced in breast enhancement procedures, and has catered to the specific needs of thousands of women in Utah, Nevada, and California. Make an appointment today for your free consultation.

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Classic Breast Reduction

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Classic Breast Reductionred-4-aft.jpg

Classic Breast Reduction

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