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Eyelid Lift - Before & After

An eyelid lift (also known as blepharoplasty) is a simple, safe surgical procedure that can drastically improve the appearance of baggy, puffy, and droopy eyelids.

The eyelids are frequently the first to show signs of aging, resulting in a tired, sad appearance. The problem tends to be an accumulation of fat, causing baggy eyelids. Many times this condition may be heredity and can be seen at an early age.

Many younger patients have puffiness under their eyes or a heavy fold of skin that obscures the normal crease of the upper lid. These conditions can also be seen in people with allergies and those who suffer from fluid retention.

Usually upper and lower eyelid surgery is done at the same time under local anesthesia with sedation. There is no need to be completely asleep for this surgery. The lower lid "bags" are caused by fat that protrudes under the eyelid skin. Removal of this fat returns the eye to a more natural, rested appearance. The incision is made in a natural crease directly below the lower eyelashes. 

Redundant skin may be more severe in the upper lids, obscuring the natural crease. Sometimes this skin can interfere with vision. Surgery to remove this excessive skin may accomplish two goals. The vision is improved at the same time the appearance is enhanced. Surgery on the upper eyelids involves an incision made in the fold of the lid.

The result is an enhanced more beautiful facial appearance. Your eyes will appear younger, healthier and more rested. 

Due to the locations of the incisions, scarring after eyelid surgery is very minor and usually not visible when the eyes are open. Some bruising and swelling will occur in the upper and lower eyelids. This will persist for seven to ten days. No bandages are needed. Stitches are removed within five days. 

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Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty Eye Lift

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