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Face Lift - Before & After

A person's face is always the first thing we notice when we meet people. Often times the effects of aging can cause a person to lose confidence in their facial beauty. Over time, the skin on your face will become loose, and even begin to sag. 

A face lift procedure will smooth aging skin, tighten tissue, and eliminate excess fat. Face lift surgery is a great solution for those who would like to restore their youthful beauty and glow.

Most face lift patients are between the ages of 40 and 60 years old. However, even patients well into their 80s can see beautiful results. Many factors are are evaluated to determine if you are a good face lift candidate. Some of these factors are a defined (or loss of) jaw line, sagging and wrinkles around the cheeks, wrinkles and excess skin and fatty tissue around the neck. At our Utah plastic surgery center, we also can correct any existing face lift that has once again begun to sag due to aging or the negligence of another doctor.

Scarring from face lift surgery can be very virtually undetectable and easily covered by hair or light makeup. Incisions are made along the contour of the ear and then into the back of your hairline. Through these small incisions, skin, underlying tissue, and muscle are tightened. Deeper tissue may be correctly repositioned to bring back the youthful contour shape of your face. The end result is a smoother, younger, and healthy looking face.

There are various face lift options available depending on the patient. A free consultation with Dr. Bryan Sonntag will help you understand the different options available to you. At our Utah plastic surgery center, we have been doing beautiful face lift and face enhancement procedures for over 16 years. Call our office near Salt Lake City for a free consultation.

Face and Neck Lift face-7-bef.jpg
Face and Neck Lift face-7-aft.jpg
Face and Neck Lift face-8-bef.jpg
Face and Neck Lift face-8-aft.jpg

Face & Neck Lift

Full Face and Brow Lift face-3-bef.jpg
Full Face and Brow Lift.jpg

Full Face & Brow Lift

Face and Neck Lift face-11-bef.jpg
Face and Neck Lift face-11-aft.jpg

Face & Neck Lift

Mini Face Lift with Neck Liposuction face-1-bef.jpg
Mini Face Lift with Neck Liposuction.jpg
Face and Neck Lift face-9-bef.jpg
Face and Neck Lift face-9-aft.jpg

Face & Neck Lift

Face and Neck Lift face-10-bef.jpg
Face and Neck Lift face-10-aft.jpg

Face & Neck Lift

Mini Face Lift & Neck Liposuction


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